Calculating GPS Locations made easy

09 07 Jul 2

Since our application is highly dependent on accurate GPS locations and distances, it was very important to accurately calculate distances around the globe for two locations that are very far away.
The naive way of doing it is to extrapolate the earth to be a sphere and easily find the distance using simple equations. Here is a short explanation [...]

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Two giants combined

09 12 Jun 3

The WWQ Tech team is proud to announce the first (as far as we know) product
build with Microsoft Azure server technology and the Apple iPhone 3.0 client technology.
When we first started designing the server solution, we knew that we had to build something
that can scale fast, effortlessly, and be cheap. Since our game is so [...]

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100% Success

09 30 May 6

OK, we’re off. It’s the beginning of June 2009 and we are starting a journey not knowing how it will end.
We joined the best designers in the world and started building our dream iPhone app.
The iPhone game for geeks that will hopefully manage to get outside the geek circle to the whole world. We have [...]

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Hello world!

09 23 May 0

We are Oh-so-excited about saying “Hello World”!

Let’s start, as in starting.
Are we there yet?
(no, not yet)

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WWQ is probably the coolest app you'll ever get on your iPhone or iPod Touch. We can't actually tell you what it does, but we can promise you that much: you will love it.

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